Hobbiton Investment Management Limited provides fund management services to both retail and institutional clients. These include non-discretionary and discretionary funds. Non-discretionary funds are managed based on agreed specific variables with the client such as asset class, investment tenure and rate of return with the client merely leveraging on the superior bargaining power of Madison Asset Management Company.

Non discretionary funds are managed on the basis of broad guidelines agreed with the client with the day to day aspects of investment management devolved to the fund manager. Discretionary funds will also have performance benchmarks of return and risk which are reviewed periodically.

Our fund management value proposition is centred around the benefits that accrue to clients from using the services of a specialised fund manager that has access to a wide range of counterparties and leverages on the size of the funds under management to enhance bargaining power and deliver the best value to clients.

On the equity front, our strong research backbone and our investment philosophy which is centred around active portfolio management enables us to deliver consistently superior returns to our clients. For further information, click on the link below or contact us.