Hobbiton Unit Trust Fund

Hobbiton Investment Management has registered a Unit Trust Fund called Hobbiton Unit Trust ("The Fund") which is a Collective Investment Scheme where people invest their savings by buying Units in the fund with the objective of obtaining a return on their investments. Unit Trust is a convenient product that is suitable for individuals, families, companies as well as societies, unions, NGO´s, Church groups and other organisations.

The Hobbiton Unit Trust Fund is an Open Ended Investment Scheme that has no time limit and is constituted as an umbrella Fund comprising of various Unit Portfolios.

Objectives of the Fund

The Aim of the fund is to address the needs of the savings and investment markets as stated by intense market research, which are accessibility and liquidity to all Zambian citizens.

Through low entry levels (such as K50 per month remmittence) and the use of convenient technology (such as online and mobile platforms) the fund aims to bring investment management services to a variety of economically active members of the Zambian population including the informal sector.

The Fund also will make it simple for investors to invest their money into the fund from the comfort of their homes or offices via mobile money or online access. Investors will also be able redeem their investments via online platforms or mobile money platforms hence giving them instant value anytime anywhere and thus making the address the Liquidity needs of the market.

The fund is mainly aimed at the following:

  • Low income earners
  • The Informal sector
  • Economically active Zambian Youth
  • Visa Enabled card holders
What are the Fund Portifolios Available

The Fund is broken down into 5 sub funds which are:

  • Hobbiton Money Market Fund
  • Hobbiton Government Fund
  • Hobbiton Debt Fund
  • Hobbiton Equity Fund
  • Hobbiton Balanced Fund

Investors are free to chose which fund operates according to their specific investment needs.

How the Fund operates

When people send Money (Mobile / Visa) to the fund, the funds will be collected and sent to our custodial bank account. The fund managers will be able to do various investment placements on behalf of the investors in the fund.

When an investor wants to redeem their investment, they will initiate a request after which funds will be moved from the fund’s custodial bank account to the Hobbiton Unit Trust Airtel Money payment account and the client will be paid their investment

Minimum Investment Period

Minimum Investment Periods will be determined by the sub-fund selected by the investor and will be adhered to in accordance.


In compliance with the securities and exchange commission of Zambia, Investment valuations will be conducted using Net Present Value Calculation. Thus stating that all unit prices will be obtained through the simple calculation of (Total Assets – Total Liabilities)/ (Total Number of Investment Units).


Investors in the fund are subject to the following general risks:

  • Economic Risk
  • Technological Risk
  • Cybercrime Risk
  • Exchange Risk
  • Management risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Interest Risk
  • Liquidity Risk